Improved Veterinary Care

The Animal Care Campus will have a dedicated veterinary clinic to support the thousands of animals taken in by RSPCA South Australia every year. Purpose-built facilities and equipment will help us to provide urgent medical care to a broad range of animals including domestic animals, wildlife and farm animals.

Improved Animal Accommodation

The Animal Care Campus will provide climate-controlled, comfortable and safe accommodation for animals while they are waiting for their forever homes. Sensory exercise yards and play runs will keep them entertained and mentally stimulated, with access to free space and fresh air. Improved facilities, supplies and support for our Foster Care Network will improve the care of animals in foster care while they wait for their forever homes.

Improved Education to Prevent Cruelty to Animals

The Animal Care Campus will feature a multi-functional Education Centre for school and community groups and the general public to visit and learn about animal sentience and best-practice animal care.

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