Limited Edition Paw Print Pavers

A Lasting Tribute

As the development of the RSPCA South Australia Animal Care Campus draws near, we invite you to take part in building something special – a home.  

Our departure from Lonsdale will be bitter-sweet, as we will be leaving behind the personal touches, which made it more than just a shelter.  The spirit of our community was lovingly built into its very foundation. It was etched onto the plaques in our memorial garden, vibrantly painted onto equipment in our exercise yards and photographed and hung onto the walls of our foyer. 

Our new state-of-the-art facility, won't be fully complete until we add a personal touch, which enshrines the collective love we all share for animals.

You can help us truly make Glenthorne feel like home by purchasing a paw print paver. 

For $1000, a message and name of your choice will be handcrafted and delicately placed into one of our paths. When the animals in our care, embark on their journey to a new forever home, you will be assured that they will experience love with every step, trot or waddle as they move across your message and those of 200 hundred others. 

The name and messaging is free for you to choose. You might dedicate the paver to your pet, to remember a loved one, or as a gift to someone close. Leave a lasting legacy, which will be part of our new campus for decades to come.  

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